Auriga Leader Which Is The World’s First Partially Propelled Cargo Ship

Auriga Leader Which Is The World’s First Partially Propelled Cargo Ship

The world’s first partially propelled cargo carrier ship, the Auriga Leader, is fitted with over 300 solar arrays that provide roughly 10% of its required operational electricity. A lot of technologies have recently been introduced into the shipping sector in order to build the ideal green ships. Solar power is one of those potential sources that, when used properly, can significantly reduce hazardous emissions while also increasing ship efficiency.

The Auriga Leader, a largely solar-powered ship, is one-of-a-kind, with multiple ground-breaking technological features. The vessel’s owners, the Nippon Yusen and Nippon Oil businesses, have paid over US $ 2 million to assure the Auriga Leader RoRo Ship’s smooth operation.

The Ro/Ro ship was built primarily to ferry approximately 6,000 Toyota automobiles across international waters. The energy-supplying module on board substantially aids in channeling the energy supplied by the solar panels. The Ro/Ro vessel is equipped with solar arrays as well as construction elements such as ballasting water treatment.


The solar-powered spacecraft is over 200 meters long and slightly more than 32 meters wide. The Auriga Leader has a DWT of approximately 19,000 tonnes and a GRT of around 60,000 tonnes, with a depth of over 34 meters. The performance of this solar-powered ship is being analyzed for improvement and future upgrades, just like emerging technologies like Skysails and Sail Propulsion Systems. Even after its launch, the ship’s owners have been constantly monitoring it to assure its long-term viability.

Furthermore, the green ship’s fuels were chosen expressly for their low discharging rates. By concentrating on these fuel sources, the Nippon Yusen and Nippon Oil firms have attempted to ensure that the costs of these fuel sources are significantly reduced. Auriga Leader is one of those future ships that has entirely changed the outlook on the future of maritime cargo shipping operations, not only by providing the essential boost to the global maritime domain’s development prospects.

Alternative green energy sources are the future of ship propulsion. Auriga Leader is a significant step toward building environmentally friendly ships, which are critical to reducing the maritime industry’s carbon footprint. Ships like the Viking Lady – The Eco-friendly Ship with Fuel Cell Technology and the Cargo Ship with Sails from B9 Shipping, like the Auriga Leader RoRo Ship, have made significant contributions to the development of green ships.


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