Check Out The Ditch Witch RT120 Quad Trencher

Check Out The Ditch Witch RT120 Quad Trencher

The Ditch Witch RT120 Quad is a four-wheel-drive utility tractor with the power, heavy-duty structure, and traction needed for extended installs of large-diameter pipe on the most difficult jobsites.

According to the business, the unit is built around a heavy-duty undercarriage that can handle harsh ground conditions. The RT120 Quad’s chassis is also designed to tilt, allowing it to dig a vertical trench over uneven ground.

For stability and traction, the machine rides on a Quad Track System. The RT120 Quad has a lower center of gravity for enhanced stability and drawbar pull, and the chevron-pattern tracks give grip in wet weather and on hills. The RT120 Quad also has a 15.5-inch ground clearance, allowing it to work over bar ditches, stream beds, and uneven terrain.

A Tier 4-Interim Deutz diesel engine with 121 horsepower is paired with a three-speed, shift-on-the-fly transmission that allows the operator to quickly adapt to changing terrain conditions. The RT120 Quad has a small turn radius thanks to its standard rear steering. According to Ditch Witch, a cruise-control system detects engine load and automatically changes ground drive speed for steady productivity.

Source: DitchWitchCarolinas

A combination trencher/plow attachment, an individual plow, two front-mounted utility backhoes, a reel carrier, two types of saws, and two types of trencher attachments are among the hydrostatic attachments that the RT120 Quad may utilize for a variety of underground construction activities.

Heavy-duty lift arms are included with the plow attachment. The use of a backfill blade is optional. A dial control arrangement within the cab allows the operator to precisely adjust the ground drive speed and attachments. A color LCD panel in the operator’s station displays pertinent engine information and diagnostics.

All engine repair points are positioned on the left side, and the oil level may be checked without opening the engine, thanks to removable side panels. Because there are no connections to modify, the electronically operated pump requires very little maintenance.


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