Check Out The New ʜɪᴛachi ZX210LC-6 Excavator

Check Out The New ʜɪᴛachi ZX210LC-6 Excavator

The ʜɪᴛachi ZX210LC-6 excavator weighs 50,265 pounds and has a digging depth of 21 feet 11 inches. The 163.6-horsepower Isuzu diesel engine produces 494 lb.-ft. of torque at 1,600 rpm. The hydraulic system on the ʜɪᴛachi excavator is the Trias II, which has three pumps instead of two on the prior model. Each actuator receives an ideal amount of pressured oil from the pumps. The pumps are electrically controlled for precise oil flow and decreased fuel usage for delicate front attachment management.

When increased speed and/or heavy-duty work is necessary, the Zaxis Series 6 excavator includes a high-power HP mode that enhances engine speed and hydraulic-pump output torque. Because each actuator has its own pump, the front attachment travels faster. The oil is delivered to the bucket, arm, and boom cylinders individually.

For enhanced speed when rolling the arm in, the ZX210LC-6 incorporates an arm recirculation cancellation mechanism. When the load is low, the system permits pressurized oil from the arm cylinder rod side to flow to the arm cylinder bottom side, increasing arm roll-in speed. The arm’s speed is increased via a hydraulic boost system.

Source: Construction Equipment Guide

Excessively pressured oil in the boom rod flows to the arm cylinder bottom side during arm roll-in and boom-raising operations, resulting in faster arm operation. When lowering the boom, an upgraded boom recirculation system circulates pressured oil in the bottom of the boom cylinder, allowing the arm to efficiently utilise pressurized oil from the pump. A heavy-duty boom is now standard, and the counterweight is 14% heavier than before, allowing the excavator to lift up to 10% more material.

With the flip of a switch, the operator of the Aerial Angle peripheral vision display camera system can select an image to watch on the monitor. Surroundings, rear right, and rear right and left are the three options. The surround image provides a sweeping 270-degree panorama of the machine’s immediate surroundings. A 7-inch multi-function LCD monitor, a fully adjustable suspension seat and integrated console, and better sound isolation are all standard features in the cab.

Wide-open engine covers make maintenance uncomplicated, and filters are within easy reach and just take a few minutes to change. The LCD monitor in the cab can be used to check the engine oil and coolant levels. Increased crossbeam size and strength have improved the undercarriage’s longevity. The lower roller’s design has been altered to prevent muck from entering and damaging the oil seal. The bearing portion that supports the front idler has had its sliding surface greatly increased, which improves wear resistance.


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