Kverneland 2500 i-Plow – A New Generation Of Intelligent Ploughs

Kverneland 2500 i-Plow – A New Generation Of Intelligent Ploughs

The most recent improvements made to the Kverneland 2500 i-Plow are included in this new generation of Kverneland plows. The latter won numerous accolades in Europe throughout the course of 2017. A considerable underframe clearance, for instance, in a modern age streamlined design, optimizes working conditions. The 80 cm subframe clearance and streamlined body design enhance soil and residue flow to maximize plowing under all circumstances.

The center adjustment on the skimmers is both original and useful. For each pair, the skimmers’ working depth is changed once. Perfect plowing is made possible by this procedure, which enables the adjustment times to be optimized. There is a circle colter and a universal or corn skimmer available. A circular, smooth, and serrated colter measuring 45 cm (18′′) or 50 cm (20′′) can be added to any Kverneland plow model.

All new plow models will be branded with the new Kverneland name after the Kverneland 2500 i-Plow. The tractor’s power increases with the number. The first of a new breed of reversible semi-mounted plows is the Kverneland 6300 S Variomat®. “ The iconic Kverneland PB has been evolved into the Kverneland 6300. Resistance has been raised to account for the new pulling powers. According to senior product manager Per Arne Salvesen, “the new strengths of the Kverneland 2500 are warmly welcomed.” The Kverneland 6300 S Variomat comes with a rear wheel. This spacious back position (440 / 8024) provides for optimum weight transfer to the tractor while also enhancing stability during plowing operations.

Directly behind the headstock is where the pivot is located. When navigating at the end of the field, the tractor and plow are at their ideal angle. lowering the force demands placed on the lift arms of the tractor. Lowering the steering angle is made possible by the Kverneland patent. It is simpler to realign the plow when setting lines since the rotation system is hydraulically coupled to the rear gauge wheel. This Varilarge plow can be converted into a transport position in a matter of seconds. The plow is transported safely in the butterfly position because to its low center of gravity. Even in small spaces, the plow can effortlessly avoid impediments. Transport in the convenient and adaptable butterfly position.

Let’s take a look at Kverneland 2500 i-Plough in the video below:

Source: Kverneland Group


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