The Powerful Trucks And Trailers In The World

The Powerful Trucks And Trailers In The World

The AFGK 70 is a stylish and simple solution for transporting two vehicles safely. It has a maximum payload of 7,000 kg and is extremely accessible and maneuverable. Also available are collapsible folding doors with a 5200 mm opening range for easier access on the left side. It was designed by Moetefind and can safely hold vehicles.


Langendorf, a German trailer manufacturer, has devised an ingenious loading solution. Designed to transport large panes of glass and prefabricated construction walls with ease. The trailer’s body protects its load by allowing it to load and unload without the use of a crane.

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The latest HYVA GROUP models are made in Iᴛᴀʟʏ and range in weight from 9 to 12 tons meters. Its high-tech SDV system reduces boom oscillation and allows for smooth, controlled loading. The crane’s incredible jib allows it to work more effectively in awkward positions and negative angles.


Simard Suspensions Off Road, a division of Dramis International, introduces the D150T, a new mining truck imagined, designed, manufactured, and assembled by our teams. The Dramis D150T complies with all of the requirements imposed by the truck’s driving conditions: The truck must transport 150 metric tons of gold ore across a distance of 144 kilometers on a crushed rock road with an 8% slope, while while cruising at 50 kilometers per hour when loaded. The D150T is used in a mine in the Kivalliq region of Nunavut, Cᴀɴᴀᴅᴀ’s Great North, where temperatures can drop below 45 degrees Celsius.

Load Lifter-Solutions 

Langendorf has been producing high-tech carriers on wheels for over 100 years, and LLC is proud to be their exclusive North American distributor. The No-Thru Axles are Langendorf’s claim to fame! With the exception of Langendorf’s Axle Housing, our goal is to manufacture in North America. We are also purchasing their axles for specific trailers we are designing and implementing for other industries, the details of which we will announce at a later date. We are filing PPAs for all of our designs to protect both LLS and LANGENDORF.


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